Protests and Polarization

Our Daughter, Anna Vogt lives in Ottawa just a couple of blocks from Parliament Hill. She asks some very important questions about this whole convoy to freedom event. These are questions we should all be asking so I encourage you all to listen to what she has to say! Proud of you Anna, keep up the good work.

The Llama Diaries

I went to sleep and woke up to the sounds of honking horns. As the sun set last night, an airplane with a banner reading “mandate freedom” flew past my window. The city is filled with more beards and coveralls than I have ever seen in Ottawa. Canada flags attached to hockey sticks are everywhere. Most people in Ottawa that I know or follow on social media have responded with disgust and shared photos of desecrated statues and Nazi flags. It was disquieting to enter my local grocery store to see aisles filled with unmasked shoppers picking up supplies. My sense of my own personal health and safety felt diminished. Yet, as I walked the blocks of Ottawa’s core yesterday, I saw city residents also thanking convoy participants and joining in the chants for freedom. Things are complicated out there.

In Colombia, I participated in a number of mass mobilizations…

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I have a great interest in how the Bible works and the meaning it brings to all of life. At the same time I work as a contractor in the construction trade. I like to build things both with my hands and my mind! I also enjoy taking pictures because I am interested in life!!
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